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5 Bedrooms

4 Baths

3,992 SqFt

2.37 Acres

Congratulations Genevieve and Andrew!

Congratulations to Genevieve, Andrew, Jonah and Roosevelt, on their new home purchase! It wasn’t easy for this family, and after falling in love with the first home they saw, and then losing out to the competition, they became even more determined to find their first home!

Heeding my wisdom in telling them that there will always be another home, this ranch that was even better than the one they lost out on, and it was even closer to Grandma and Grandpa! The BEST news is that with some out-of-the-box thinking and a creatively crafted offer, they beat all the competition and snagged this home, making their dream a reality! Oh, and did I mention that, like some of my other buyers, they did NOT have to pay over asking price!?

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